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Ideal Profile Method

The Ideal Profile Method was developed in-house and validated by one of our professionals upon the completion of a doctoral degree at the University of Rennes (Agrocampus-Ouest) in France. This is the research method that provides you with a complete ‘toolkit’ to further develop your products successfully.

local_offer number of products > 3
location_on Customer profile Product users, other criteria to be decided by mutual consultation
people_outline number of participants Minimum N=80
location_on Type of questions 6 acceptance questions, 15-20 sensory aspects, purchase intent, off-flavour, 2 open questions
people_outline Results Acceptance of the product as compared with those of the competitors, sensory profile per product, ideal sensory profile, drivers of liking, optimization, effect of gender and age and product use, analysis clusters.

The advantages of this type of testing are:

  • Benchmarking – we can establish how your products compare with those of the competitors.
  • Optimization – we can advise which aspects require attention in order to improve the product.
  • Insights – we can also provide insight into the “drivers of liking”. Consumers not only evaluate each aspect, but also outline the ideal in detail.

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