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WE DID IT! On June 23, we converted our nomination into a victory and we were elected MARKETING RESEARCH & ANALYTICS AGENCY of 2022! Please read the Expert jury report via this link.

For more than 25 years ESSENSOR has supported the food and non-food sectors in optimizing and selling products using market research that employs the human senses of smell, taste, vision, hearing and touch.

Our advanced sensory research methods provide insight into improvement options. And as you might expect we always work on the basis of scientific insights, using respondents from our extensive database. As our client, we guarantee you exclusivity.

Analyses of successful products have shown time and again that the sensory properties are of crucial importance. In the Netherlands, ESSENSOR Sensory Market Research is the authority and market leader in this field.

Would you be interested in discussing how your competitiveness can be improved using sensory research? Then we encourage you to contact us by phone at +31 318-452222.


Why choose Essensor?

Since 1987 we have been active in the field of sensory market research in the Netherlands. We have supported countless companies, standing side-by-side with them in building a foundation for doing effective and successful product development. Convince yourself by reading why you should choose for our company. Or feel free to telephone us at +31 318 452222 to explore the possibilities. We would be pleased to be of service.

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