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Home Use Test

Using a Home Use Test (HUT), our consumers evaluate your food or non-food products at home. The HUT is very effective for testing existing products and products that are in the final phases of development. These can be tested blind or branded, and can include one or several products. The HUT is a safe and tried and tested research method that fits in well with the guidelines of RIVM.

local_offer number of products 1- 6
access_time Duration of session To be decided by mutual consultation
location_on Customer profile Product users, other criteria to be decided by mutual consultation
people_outline number of participants Minimum N=100
location_on Type of questions The consumers will be invited to complete an online questionnaire one or more times during the testing period. Usually the questionnaire focusses on the sensory properties of the product, its convenience, the price and the packaging.
people_outline Results Report including conclusions and recommendations or only rough data

The additional advantages of this type of testing are:

  • The consumer evaluates the product in a quite realistic setting: their own familiar surroundings, because it is a test at their own home.
  • The consumer can evaluate a whole portion rather than a bite or a sip. This allows us to better explore the keep-on-eating or drinking factor, as well aspects such as satiation.
  • The consumer can pick their own time of day for evaluating the product and can do it at their own pace. This contributes to a more realistic evaluation.
  • Testing packaging usability and product preparation can easily be included in this method.
  • At this time, many consumers are at home, which offers an excellent opportunity to test non-food products for a long(er) period. For example candles, home perfume or detergents.
  • In this way, the HUT can make it clear whether a product meets the consumer’s expectations and keeps on meeting them in more ways than just taste.

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