Our history

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Our vision: ‘to a world with better products and a healthy and sustainable business’

Essensor sees major challenges for its customers in the field of health and sustainability: And that means less fat, sugar, salt and alcohol, but also the transition from animal to vegetable proteins (meat, fish, dairy).


In our vision, the innovative power of the food industry is enormous, but the speed of innovation is limited, especially due to the limited capacity of the consumer to change. Adjustments of consumer behavior and the way in which this is achieved will be the driving factor in the coming challenges in the food world. The extent to which the industry can seduce consumers – among other things. with good ‘taste’ – will be crucial. Essensor’s role in this area is to ensure that all healthier and more sustainable alternatives are just as tasty or even tastier compared to the original. But also to point out other factors. Fortunately, we have beautiful and smart research methods such as the Ideal Profile Method, which clearly map out how products can be optimised.


You are welcome

Essensor prides itself in the hospitality which is woven into our DNA. We do not limit our hospitality to our clients, but we are also gracious to our consumers, employees, students, suppliers and business partners. We handle our relations with respect and are prepared to go the extra mile when the situation requires.

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Consumer insights first

All of our efforts are focussed on supplying relevant consumer insights. These enable you to make considered decisions for you company processes, such as for product development, product management and marketing.

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We share our knowledge

Essensor has been improving and accelerating our clients’ product development processes for more than 25 years by offering a smart collection of research methods. We would like to share this experience with you.

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Grip on quality

Our procedures (ISO, quality manuals, training modules) guarantee a seamless research process. During the research you are always welcome to come and watch and experience it for yourself.

Quality is very important to us and that is why we are certified according to the latest ISO standard: ISO 20252: 2019

This is specifically aimed at the implementation of market research and sets specific requirements for the design and implementation of market research projects. This standard also sets requirements for quality control in general within Essensor.

This quality standard also applies to all activities for market, opinion and social science research. This concerns qualitative and quantitative research, but also observation.

In addition, we are a Fair Data company. This means that we endorse the ten basic principles of the Fair Data Privacy Code. As a Fair Data company, we are allowed to use the Fair Data quality mark, which may only be used by marketing, insights and analytics organizations that are members of the MOA.

Our activities

Why choose Essensor?

Since 1987 we have been active in the field of sensory market research in the Netherlands. We have supported countless companies, standing side-by-side with them in building a foundation for doing effective and successful product development. Convince yourself by reading why you should choose for our company. Or feel free to telephone us at +31 318 452222 to explore the possibilities. We would be pleased to be of service.

Authority and market leader in the field of sensory market research in the Netherlands

The titles “authority” and “market leader” are ones that have to be earned and then constantly lived up to. For more than 30 years we have been improving and accelerating our clients’ product development process by offering a smart collection of research methods. This leads you to a better product more quickly.  The sooner you go to market with the right product, the more successful you will be. That is your goal.

Single-client research and specific target groups

Do not let yourself be misled into doing sensory multi-client research among consumers who have never bought or consumed your products before. The adage “If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys” applies here…

Quality has a price, but also yields concrete results. Essensor always works exclusively for its own clients, only making use of specific user groups. We are very careful about the way we do things. You can count on that.

Essensor’s own consumer database > 10,000 consumers

In doing research, the quality norm is reliability. An important measure of the reliability of research results is the number of respondents. Essensor has its own consumer database of more than 10,000 respondents. That enables us to mobilise the right numbers and the right user groups at the right moment so we can do reliable research. Don’t worry about that.

Research Centres in the Randstad (Utrecht) and Food Valley (Ede)

Essensor has two research centres: in the Randstad- the Dutch metropolitan area- (Utrecht) and in Food Valley (Ede). We can also test in other locations in the Netherlands upon request.

In addition, via our international network, you can have research conducted in various European countries. After giving us a thorough briefing, we ensure that as the “head contractor” the research is carefully conducted.  That saves you time.