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Smell and eating behavior & loss of smell during corona

On July 9, the MKB Café of Food & Cognition (collaboration including Radboud University, UT Twente and WUR) organized a webinar

This inspiring webinar had the theme of smell and eating behavior & loss of smell during corona. Wim Vaessen, Research Director & Business Owner of Essensor, was one of the speakers together with Sanne Boesveldt (Associate Professor of Sensory science and Eating Behavior at Wageningen University & Research). The MKB Café of the University of Twente is an attractive platform for parties active in the field of nutrition and cognition. This time, the MKB Café was about the importance of smell in eating behaviour. Sensory properties of products determine whether or not we like something and will buy the product (again) or not. But other aspects are also taken into account in the consumer’s decision-making process. If, for example, there is less sugar, salt and fat in a product, we also take this into account and look for the balance between tasty and healthy (immediate-term reward and long-term reward). In addition, the impact of the coronavirus on our sense of smell was also discussed. Many people with COVID-19 have experienced loss of smell worldwide, but what does this mean for eating habits? In short: very interesting topics are covered in this webinar. If you want to watch this webinar again, click here.

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