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Essensor active in ten countries in 2023

Did you know that Essensor sensory and consumer research was active in conducting research in ten countries last year?

On behalf of our international customers, we conducted research in Germany, Belgium, France, England, Poland, Greece, Finland, Italy, America and China.

Through our international network of reliable Sensory and Consumer Research agencies, you as a customer have quick access to the most important markets abroad. After a careful briefing, we determine in close consultation with you:
🔸A test design;
🔸Definition of the correct research method;
🔸Determination of the user groups;
🔸The correct size of the samples;
🔸Content and programming of the questionnaires;
🔸Coordination of the preparation protocols;
🔸Guidance and coordination of the implementation of the on-site research abroad;
🔸Data collection & data analysis;
🔸Reporting and determining next steps in various countries.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are fully taken care of by our experiencee sensory professionals in the Netherlands and abroad. That will save you a lot of time, money and annoyance; After all, this way you can continue to do what you are good at!

Would you also like to benefit from our sensory expertise and international network? Please contact us at or call 0318 – 452222

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