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Essensor and Wageningen University & Research join forces for food and consumer research

Since November 2020, Essensor and Wageningen University & Research have been conducting joint research into food taste and experience, food appreciation and consumers’ food choice behavior. Thanks to this collaboration, scientific knowledge can be used more quickly to develop healthy products that are appreciated by consumers.
European food companies, whether or not in consultation with the food and health authorities, are working hard to improve the recipe and composition of food products by
reducing the amount of fat, salt and sugar. In order to be able to introduce a new or renewed product, it is necessary to understand the conditions under which consumers will accept the improved product. Wageningen University & Research carries out fundamental scientific research to predict this behaviour properly. WUR wants to bring this knowledge to the market faster and has entered into a collaboration with Essensor. Essensor offers sensory facilities and standardised measurement methods for routine research for the food industry. In this way, the knowledge of WUR can be translated into healthy products that contribute to the joint efforts to make food habits more healthy.

If you would like to learn more please get in touch with dr. Wim Vaessen – Research Director Essensor – 0654341029

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