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Fulfilling a better world with better products

Last week we held our quarterly meeting in Utrecht. Among other things, we spent time brainstorming about how we can give even more specific substance to our vision ‘to a world with better products and a healthy and sustainable business’.

Measures that have already been initiated:
✔️ Change our means of transport – Essensor bikes for local product sourcing, electric company cars, traveling by train;
✔️ Speeding up the protein transition through careful sensory market research that accurately indicates how plant-based products can be optimized in terms of taste (Ideal Profile Method);
✔️ Reduce the usage of plastics in our day to day operations in our Research Centers;
✔️ Reducing food waste through cooperation with the food banks in Utrecht, Wageningen and the Rotterdam region;
✔️ Promoting our Essensor Forest to our relations

But there is also a lot of improvement potential; solar panels on the roof of our Research Center in Wageningen, ‘green’ consumer fees, involvement with our staff in local initiatives and many other ideas that came up. So definitely to be continued!

The day ended with a boat trip through the beautiful canals of Utrecht. We wish you all a very nice summer!

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