Workshop ‘The Senses’

Essensor offers an interactive and inspiring workshop to put your senses in new light. In one day part Essensor shows you can really enjoy your food using your senses. However Essensor also shows you how to use those same senses as measuring devices. The workshop contains the following components:


  • The sensory stimulating world of Sensory Science;
  • The wonders of our senses;
  • The quality of your own senses;
  • The three different roles of our senses;
  • The Best Practices of sensorial measuring.


Of course it is possible to put more focus on a specific subject during the workshop. Optionally we could use your own products in the workshop.


The workshop takes place at the sensory facilities of Essensor, which makes it a unique experience. You can attend the workshop in a relaxed environment with a group of customers, colleagues, fellow branch members, suppliers, etc. After the workshop, you’ll watch with different eyes to the role of the senses in your every day business.