Sensory Analysis

The food industry is in full motion. Currently, a more sustainable production, the reduction of sugar, fat and/or salt in products and ‘clean label’ products are hot topics. Companies often strive for sensory equality between the existing and the adapted variant of their products. It is not uncommon for Essensor to get the question: “Is there a sensory difference between these products?”. Our sensory panels answer this question with utmost efficiency, precision and reliability.

Our sensory panels objectively determine the differences between products. Sometimes a simple ‘yes they differ’ or ‘no they don’t differ’ will suffice. Sometimes a more extensive description is desired, for example in terms of differences in smell, color, texture, flavor and/or aftertaste. Often several variations of an identical (type of) product are used in these descriptions. Essensor uses a benchmark, for example, to give insight into the differences between your product and comparable, commercially available products. The sensory panel can also be used to determine in what ways the prototypes you developed differ sensorial from each other.