Overname OP&P door Essensor

Begin 2018 heeft Essensor uit Ede OP&P Product Research uit Utrecht overgenomen. Na de overname claimt deze combinatie van bedrijven het marktleiderschap in Nederland binnen het sensorisch markt onderzoeksdomein. Met meer dan 50 jaar ervaring vormen Essensor en OP&P samen de autoriteit in Nederland. In de gespecialiseerde onderzoekscentra in de Randstad (Utrecht) en buiten de Randstad (Ede) worden
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Fair Data quality mark

Recently the MOA (Centre for marketing insights, research and analytics) launched the Fair Data quality mark. With this Fair Data label the MOA gives consumers certainty in the growing debate and concerns about privacy and data. Only organizations that are member of the MOA –like Essensor- and thereby meet the strict quality requirements in terms
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Essensor from Food Valley develops new smell test

In its efforts to select the people with the best sense of taste and smell of the Netherlands for her sensory taste panels and its customers Essensor developed her own odor test: the NOSE-Normative Odor Screening Essensor. This test is also suitable for other companies to find out who among colleagues have the best sense
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Welcome to our new panel

With pride we present our new sensory panelists. After an intensive selection period with 140 candidates selected for their good noses and taste, these 11 ladies joined the Essensor-team. This select group belongs to the 10% best noses and taste and is applicable to all your sensory questions.    


The golden nose

Essensor sponsored the Food Unplugged festival and provided the (smells) contest for the “golden nose”. Of the more than 200 participants, five had all 24 smells correctly recognized. They decided in a final over 5 scents who would go home with the golden nose. More information: www.expeditievandesmaak.nl      


Food unplugged in Ede

In Ede on June 23 the latest edition of Food Unplugged took place, a major outdoor networking festival in Food. All participants could further develop their good nose for new trends in Food and Hospitality and share the results with 400 others. Watch the next video to sniff the atmosphere again. https://vimeo.com/224611540