Essensor from Food Valley develops new smell test

In its efforts to select the people with the best sense of taste and smell of the Netherlands for her sensory taste panels and its customers Essensor developed her own odor test: the NOSE-Normative Odor Screening Essensor. This test is also suitable for other companies to find out who among colleagues have the best sense of taste and smell.

75 to 95 percent of what we think we taste comes in through our nose
Taste comes to us through all our senses. Smell, see, hear, feel, taste, they all play a role in how we perceive the taste of something, though, our nose is the most important organ. Not only the scents that you smell  with your nose, also through the so-called retronasale perception: aromas released in the mouth upon chewing and swallowing are perceived by the nose. 75 to 95 percent of what we think we taste, we actually observe with our nose. After smell comes our eyes, followed by the ears and our sense of touch. The tongue is in last place!

About the NOSE
In contrast to consumer research taste panels are selected and trained for analytical sensory research. These panel members must meet strict requirements, because they are used as ‘measuring instruments’. To start, the candidates should have no sensory defects such as anosmia (can’t smell) or taste insensitivity. “If they have, as a rule we refer these candidates to the Smell and Taste Center in Ede (a collaboration between Wageningen University Research and hospital Gelderse Vallei),” said Alard Verhoef, Project manager at Essensor and closely involved in the development of the new measuring instrument.
Essensor selects only the 10% best sense of taste and smell candidates from the market for its taste panels. To be able to screen these candidates in the best way Essensor has developed a new odor recognition test: the NOSE. This is a smell test with 25 scents (related to food) in blinded bottles, whereby the participants cannot see the content. Per bottle each participant has to determine (from about 30 options) what odor they perceive. Early this year, Essensor has selected with great success all its new panel members partially based on their results on the NOSE. In addition, Essensor will also use the NOSE for selecting sensory panels on behalf of its customers.

About Essensor
The sensory market research firm ESSENSOR from Food Valley/Ede is known for its professional implementation of panel and consumer research in the food sector. Commissioned by the manufacturers of both home-as A-brands as well as supermarkets, countless taste tests are carried out weekly.

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