Essensor: 20 years of Sensory Experience!

When I founded Essensor nearly 20 years ago, it was clear to me that many companies needed a more precise and therefore better management of product development projects. But often these companies didn’t have the required expertise and facilities.

It seems so simple and clear: smelling and tasting. We all do it several times on a daily basis. Because of this apparent simplicity it is often overestimated, in a professional situation, how well we can judge personally. And on the other hand we underestimate the extent of the contribution of methodological interventions in the assessment process. That was the main driving force for me to establish Essensor.

And to this day, improving product development and introduction decisions, is the strength of Essensor. Essensor not only provides good sensory and consumer information, but can also lead to a different view on things and to an enhancement of your processes. Over time we have further developed these processes within Essensor. All knowledge, experience and efficiency we have accumulated over the years, we like to implement in your projects.

Did you become curious? You’re welcome to visit us at our location and get acquainted.

See you, Wim Vaessen Founder of Essensor

Essensor & Food Valley

How do food and brains influence each other?


Go without salt! Essensor is one of the companies in the consortium for sodium reduction in food.





Essensor & Ede

Essensor is promoting Ede as the location of the WFC

Activities Ede Capital of Taste 2014 start at Essensor

Gespecialiseerde Testfaciliteiten in Ede

The facilities in Ede are designed for a competent and efficient execution of sensory panel and consumer research.

Team Essensor Ede

Team OP&P Utrecht

Onze professionals

Wim Vaessen, PhD

University of Groningen: Social Sciences


At Essensor we deliver results because we commit to each project with our experience and knowledge. With thinking along, enthusiasm, focus and thus effectiveness. I have considered it my responsibility, for as long as we have existed.
Please feel free to give me call at 00 31 6 54 34 10 29.

Jan Willem Steunenberg

Hotelschool The Hague, Hospitality Business School, NIMA C Marketing

Commercial Director

Essensor stands for expert, discreet, independent and high quality sensory consultancy. The combination with our flexible, proactive and service-oriented professionals and an operationally well-designed business process ensures high customer satisfaction. Of course we are looking forward to welcoming you as our client!
Please feel free to give me call at 00 31 6 51 55 78 84.

Daphne van Hoeken

University of Groningen: Psychology

Financial Accounting

I am analytical, precise and good with numbers. With this I take care of a timely and accurate financial management information and the invoicing of Essensor.

Claudy Borghuis, Msc

Wageningen University: Nutrition and Health

Project Manager sensory consumer research

What appeals to me in the role of project manager is the contact with the clients and the associated challenge to find the right answers for their research questions. To achieve this goal, I like to use my driven personality and analytical thinking ability.

Erika Bloemert

Hanzehogeschool Groningen: Health and Marketing, NIMA Marketing B

Project Manager sensory consumer research

As a project manager, I would like to use my organizational talent, eye for detail and motivated personality to guide your research project and complete it to your satisfaction.

Vera Wiedemann, Msc

University of Utrecht: Sociology and Social Research, NIMA Sensory Researcher B

Project Manager sensory consumer research

My organisational talent, precision and perseverance inspire me to reach the set goals. Analysing the data and wanting to get the most out of it, motivates me tremendously.

Alard Verhoef, Msc

Wageningen University/Kopenhagen University (Life): Nutrition Sciences, Sensory Science.

Project Manager sensory panel research

Accessibility, diligence and clarity are very important to me. I select the right sensory methodologies and present complex analyses in a comprehensible way.

Hanneke Dragt

MBO, NIMA Sensory Research A

Test leader sensory consumer research

From my background in education, I guide the consumer surveys with an eye for each individual participant. That way everybody goes home happy and that ‘s why  I love my job.


Henrike Huis in ‘t Veld

MBO, NIMA Sensory Research A

Test leader sensory panel research

In close collaboration with our sensory panels, I am responsible for collecting research data for your project. I do this with knowledge of the product, creativity and flexibility.

Kitty van Rooij

MBO, NIMA Sensory Research A

Test leader sensory consumer research

Our consumers know me well. I approach our participants in a very enthusiastic and personal manner. This way I make sure everyone participates with pleasure, while at the same time being serious about the consumer research.

Ellen Scheffers

Schoevers Amsterdam

Office Manager

I am an enthusiastic jack of all trades. I am hospitable, involved, precise and flexible. I support my colleagues in their projects with pleasure. My motto is: ‘A day without laughter, is a wasted day!’

Ton Teerling

University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht

Founder and General Manager Pandai

As a psychologist specialized in taste and smell I have worked at several universities and later in the flavour & fragrance industry. I have known Essensor for about 20 years now. When with International Flavors & Fragrances and with Syngenta, I have always chosen Essensor as strategic partner for sensory and market research. After starting my own company (Pandai) in 2010 close collaboration with Essensor resulted in a training called ‘The Expedition of Taste’; an impressive demonstration of combining experience and knowledge.