What product developments are promising?

When (through sensory panel research) it has become clear which sensory differences there are, the question is: What is the opinion of the consumer? Which consumer valuation accompanies the sensory differences? For example, is the valuation the same for two products that are sensorially different, or not? And what information does this give us for the further development of the product? To answer these questions Essensor uses a combination of consumer data and sensory panel data.

With specific analysis methods, e.g. the internal prefmap or LSA, the products are displayed relative to each other in a graph on the basis of consumer preference. In addition the size of the various consumer clusters is shown. These data are then combined with sensory panel data, which also gives insight into the specific product properties. The sensory properties of the most optimal product are calculated as well. In other words it is shown which product properties (the so called drivers of liking) lead to a high consumer appreciation.

This way of analyzing is very informative for Marketing and Sales, as they take decisions with the consumer as a starting point.