The virtual shop

Have you ever wondered what the consumer does in the supermarket? With the virtual shop you will get insight in this behavior. The virtual shop can be a fully detailed supermarket, for example.

In research terms this leads to: a controlled research environment with a high degree of reality. This environment captures the behavior of the consumer, such as their purchasing and viewing habits and physical reactions to a product. You get a very ‘pure’ insight into behavior and product choices. Without the influence of interpretation, socially desirable answers or memory.

The applications of the virtual shop in the field of product choice are countless. It is possible, for example, to divide consumers into segments. Which consumers make the same choices, maybe even through the same pattern, and which consumers make different choices?

It’s also possible to see which emotions new packagings evoke. With eye-tracking it can be determined if a design or claim stands out adequately (positively) and if it actually generates sales.

With the virtual shop research into the multi-sensory experience is possible as well. The packaging creates a certain expectation about the taste of a product (product-brand match). Is there a match between all sensory aspects, including the appearance of the packaging? In other words: does the multi-sensory experience strengthen the sum of its parts?

Essensor is happy to exchange thoughts with you on how the virtual shop can contribute to the optimization of your decisions.

The virtual supermarket is a product of a strategic association between LEI Wageningen UR and Essensor.