Waarom Essensor

Vision Essensor

Since its foundation in 1994 Essensor has the philosophy that there are different ways of tasting.
Technical product specialists (in a company) look differently at, for example, bread than people who have a good sense of smell and taste, or someone such as yourself.
The first group knows that the bread needs just a little bit of extra time in the oven for optimal crust color.
The sensory experts can clearly measure the bitter taste of the bread.
While you may notice that the bread tastes nice.
Essensor knows these groups of ‘tasters’ throughout and knows how they can be positioned best for your sensory question.
So that you, in the end, can make better decisions.

The best 10% tasters of the Netherlands

Essensor is the only company in the Netherlands with commercial sensory panels, which can be used in all product categories.
These panels, each consisting of 12 people, are among the 10% of people with a good sense of smell and taste of the Netherlands. They are selected (ISO 8586) and had an intensive training in various methods, protocols, product categories and speak a common sensory language.
These skills and expertises make them a highly reliable human instrument.
Essensor secures and improves the quality through continuous feedback to the panel members.
These panels can be used for questions as: Is there a sensory difference between products? And if so, how can these differences be described?

International consumer research

Essensor does not only provide consumer research in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe.
Essensor worked hard to create an extensive European network with other sensory research agencies.
For this Essensor carefully selected agencies that have, like Essensor, sensory research in their DNA. So these agencies understand how to handle your products with care.
Essensor remains your only contact. Essensor accompanies your foreign project with its knowledge and experience.
So for your international questions, you are also guaranteed to get the Essensor quality.



Overname OP&P door Essensor

Begin 2018 heeft Essensor uit Ede OP&P Product Research uit Utrecht overgenomen. Na de overname claimt deze combinatie van bedrijven het marktleiderschap in Nederland binnen het sensorisch markt onderzoeksdomein. Met meer dan 50 jaar ervaring vormen Essensor en OP&P samen de autoriteit in Nederland. In de gespecialiseerde onderzoekscentra in de Randstad (Utrecht) en buiten de Randstad (Ede) worden
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Fair Data quality mark

Recently the MOA (Centre for marketing insights, research and analytics) launched the Fair Data quality mark. With this Fair Data label the MOA gives consumers certainty in the growing debate and concerns about privacy and data. Only organizations that are member of the MOA –like Essensor- and thereby meet the strict quality requirements in terms
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Essensor from Food Valley develops new smell test

In its efforts to select the people with the best sense of taste and smell of the Netherlands for her sensory taste panels and its customers Essensor developed her own odor test: the NOSE-Normative Odor Screening Essensor. This test is also suitable for other companies to find out who among colleagues have the best sense
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